An Isle of Fun

Whether your stay is a day, a week or a month, winter or summer (or any time in between) you will always find things to do on Maggie. The list below is not exhaustive by any means but to give you a taste of what the island has to offer we have detailed our TOP 10 free and TOP 10 paid activities:

Free Activities

  1. Spot a koala in the wild
  2. Walk Horseshoe Bay beach at sunset
  3. Snorkel the reef
  4. Walk the track to Radical Bay from Picnic Bay
  5. Go off-road (4WD only)
  6. Feed lorikeets at the Koala Sanctuary
  7. Picnic on the pier at Picnic Bay
  8. Swim in Alma Bay (lifesavers on patrol at weekends)
  9. Trek to the Forts Walk – WWII Heritage sites
  10. Relax with a good book by the private pool


Other Activities

  1. Breakfast with the koalas (yes, it’s a real option) at the Koala Sanctuary – photo opportunity available
  2. Go whale watching (seasonal – best months July & August)
  3. Bareback ride a horse along the beach
  4. Scuba dive a shipwreck in the Coral Sea
  5. Charter a boat
  6. Circumnavigate the island by jet ski or charter a boat
  7. Buy a piece of artwork
  8. Enjoy cocktails whilst watching the sunset from the Marlin Bar Tavern
  9. Enjoy a massage – Endota Spa is our favorite
  10. Play golf (9 holes)


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